• Insurance FAQs

How does the insurance work?

This insurance policy, which IENA has arranged with ACE American Insurance, is designed to meet the needs of J-1 participants. It exceeds the minimum coverage levels required by the US Department of State and has a zero co-pay/deductible.

However, it doesn’t work unless you send a Claim Form (as described below) to ACE’designated claims company – ACI (Administrative Concepts Inc.).

The policy will reimburse you for any covered expenses. You should expect to pay the bill for treatment or prescriptions at the time of treatment and then claim the money back. Sometimes, a doctor or hospital will accept your Insurance ID Card and bill ACI directly. However, even if they do so, no payment will be made until you submit a completed Claim Form.

Medical Insurance ID Card

You can download and print your personal ID card at https://www.iena.org/wapps/ins/?year=2016. You will need your SEVIS ID number from the top right-hand side of your DS-2019.

Always carry this with you so you can show it to any medical provider, if necessary. It has the information they need - policy number, your personal ID number and the contact details for the Claims company (ACI).

Important – check the dates of your policy. These are the dates as provided by you to your recruiter or IENA and they should match exactly with your flight/travel dates to/from America. If not, please contact your recruiter or IENA immediately.

If you wish to extend your insurance, please email your recruiter or IENA for further information. Please note that there may be an extra cost.

The medical insurance ID card does not say if you are on Plan A or Plan B insurance, as the medical benefits are the same. You can see the additional baggage and travel coverage of Plan A in the Policy Brochure at www.iena.org/?site=2016-Insurance-Information (#2). If you have not already done so, you can upgrade to Plan A at any time before you enter the USA by contacting your recruiter or IENA and paying the additional premium.

How do I find a doctor?

If you are working on a summer camp, first go the camp nurse or doctor. If necessary, they will refer you do a local hospital or doctor.

Otherwise, use the MultiPlan Provider Search Tool below – http://www.multiplan.com/search/search-2.cfm?originator=84451.

How do I make a claim?

A valid insurance claim is straightforward and consists of three things:

(1) The completed claim form (available at www.iena.org/?site=2016-Insurance-Information - #4)

(2) A letter giving FULL details of the incident involved, stating exactly what you are claiming for.

(3) Supporting proof for the kind of claim you are making (e.g. a police report or crime reference number for stolen bag; hospital/pharmacy bills for illness; receipts and dates of purchase for lost items; etc.).

(4) Doctors/physicians should provide an HCFA 1500 form (or CMS 1500), the industry standard billing document which ACI needs in order to process a medical claim. It will speed up claim processing if you ask the medical provider to submit it. See sample at www.iena.org/?site=2016-Insurance-Information - #5.

(5) Hospitals should provide the UB-04 equivalent form.

It is your responsibility to provide this information to the Claims Department so that your claim can be processed.

How to follow-up on your claim…

Contact ACI at iena@visit-aci.com. Always quote your name as it is on your ID Card, your personal ID number and, of course, say it is an IENA policy.

IENA is not the insurance company! However, we will always do our best to help you with any claim or query. Contact us at info@iena.org.


YOU are the insured person so YOU must make the claim. If you don’t, you just waste the money you have paid for the policy and you will be liable personally for the medical bills.

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